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Monsters, cool loot, awesome pets. Features from our brand new game Bit Heroes! Game is available on Kongregate and will soon be available on Facebook, Google Play™, and the AppStore®.

Our Team

The group behind the computer screen


Jace - Mokilok

Founder & Programmer/Designer

Our resident code wizard, Jace is responsible for keeping the games up and running and writing all the code that makes up our games.


Sean - seanfac3

Founder & Artist

Sean is our super awesome artist who comes up with all the epic imagry in our games. He works hard to come up with cool and original designs while keeping our look fun and colorful.


Alesia - Leesha

Founder & Community Manager

Social media & website "housekeeper." Leesha keeps everyone updated on current events and spends her free time lurking in our game's world chat.


Trike, Athena and Tony

Resident Mascots

Fluffy and cute, our mascots are responsible for stress relieve and exercise (doggie walks!) Our 3 mascots are Trike the 3 legged cat, and Athena & Tony the Corgi's.

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